Bandstand A collection of digital audio performances for Bandstands from The Other Way Works

What is Bandstand

Bandstand is a collection of digital audio performances for Bandstands from The Other Way Works.

Download the Bandstand App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Bandstands invite an audience. Lonely, empty stages standing ready at the centre of parks and squares. They seem resonant with what has happened there, and ripe with possibility. Our Bandstand Audio Theatre Experiences invite you to inhabit these spaces afresh creating a new performance event which places you at the centre of the action. Listen to the stories unfurl as you take a trip around the bandstand with these exclusive, intimate performances designed just for you.

The Bandstand App contains recorded audio theatre experiences written specially for each bandstand. There are currently experiences for two bandstands in the Black Country. The pieces for West Park, Wolverhampton can be experienced by a solo listener or a pair and last 20 minutes. The piece for Lightwoods Park, Bearwood is for a solo listener and lasts 40 minutes.

The Bandstand Audio Theatre Experiences were created by artists from The Other Way Works and influenced by local history research and conversations with park users and local groups. The final pieces are like short radio plays that tell a new fictional story that is inspired by each bandstand and park, to be experienced in the environment in which they’re set.

How to listen:
Download the Bandstand App onto your phone;
-Visit West Park, Wolverhampton or Lightwoods Park, Bearwood, Sandwell with half an hour or so to spare;
-Stand near the Bandstand and launch the Bandstand App;
-Follow the on-screen instructions and enjoy!
-Let us know what you think afterwards by tweeting or emailing us

Produced by The Other Way Works
Commissioned by Black Country Touring
Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Concept & Direction Katie Day
Writing & Research Katherine Maxwell Cook
Produced by Katie Day & Katherine Maxwell Cook
Sound Design Mark Day
App Calvium
Illustration Luke Thrush

West Park, Wolverhampton
Voices Ali Belbin & Greg Hobbs
Brass Band Chapeltown Silver Prize Band recorded at Chapeltown Park, Sheffield, 2012

Lightwoods Park, Bearwood, Sandwell
Additional text Mr Naylor
Voices Mr Naylor, Ali Belbin, Greg Hobbs, Gareth Nicholls, Catrin Talbot, Katie Day
Musicians Mark Day (various), Nick Mather (double bass), Paul Lawson (drums), James Atashroo (trumpet)

The Future:

We are seeking further commissioning partnerships with Festivals, Venues and Promoters to extend and develop this digital platform in 2013-2015, through the commissioning of site-specific content for Bandstands around the UK and beyond. Email Katie Day at info@theotherwayworks